Payment Method

We offer Cash on Delivery (COD), credit card, debit card, mobile banking and Internet banking payment methods for each order. All Credit/Debit card details remain confidential and private. aamra epay use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information. All transactions are processed in Bangladeshi Taka.

Payment Options



International Payments
Extra charges might be levied to you on use of international cards on the eStore. These charges are subject to the exchange rate, mark up rate and/or any other charges your bank may choose to levy on international transactions. Kindly check your bank's exchange rate and markup policy before placing your order on the eStore.


Step 1: Select the device(s) you want to purchase and click on ‘Add to Cart’






Step 2: In the product confirmation page, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’. You may also add more devices or delete selected devices from this page.


Step 3: In the billing details page, fill out all the required fields. If you wish to send/receive your purchase to a different address, please fill up the ‘Ship to a different address?’ field. Proceed to click on ‘Place Order’ once you have filled all the required fields. 



Step 4: In the order placement page, check all details and click on ‘Proceed to Pay’. Please note that from this page and onwards, you will be directed to our payment gateway aama epay site at ( Please do not proceed if you are taken to any other website/page.   



Step 5: In the payment summary page, please fill up the required fields and click on ‘Success Transaction’ to complete payment process and your purchase is complete. This is final step and you will be automatically directed to from this page.  




Payment Overview

The following is an overview of how will the payment system work:

  • Customers can select an item category and browse the available models of an item. If a Customer wants to buy a product, he/she will click the "Add to Cart" button after logging in his/her account details. If he/she wants to have the detail information about the product, he/she will click the "Details" or "Description" button.
  • After clicking "Add to Cart" button, the product will be taken to his/her virtual shopping cart and from there he/she can order the product by clicking the "Checkout" button.
  • After he/she clicks the "Checkout" button, he/she will be taken to a page asking for the delivery address of the product. A Customer can edit or change his/her address if he/she desires. After confirming the delivery address by pressing the "Continue" button the Customer will be taken to a confirmation page where he/she can review the item.
  • After confirming the Order, they select & click on aamra epay as their payment gateway in the online store & enter their payment information to make an online payment.
  • When customers are ready to pay, the Customer will be taken to the Payment Gateway page i.e. where the Customer will have to choose by which method he/she will pay. The Customer can choose various Credit Card systems or the Bank that he/she has an account with and available in the gateway.
  • aamra epay encrypts data and securely sends it through the payment processing network.
  • The transaction is validated for authorization or rejection, and the results are sent back through the aamra epay payment gateway to the store.
  • After entering the Card details, the Payment Gateway will give the Customer a confirmation message stating that the purchase has been successful. He/she will be notified of the successful purchase after he/she clicks the "Payment completed/Go to Store to Complete your shopping". He/she will be taken to the Merchant site confirming about the purchase.

Are there any hidden charges when I make a purchase from eStore?
There are absolutely no hidden charges when you make a purchase from the eStore. We offer free delivery. The prices listed for all items are final and all-inclusive. The prices you see on our product pages are exactly what you pay for the item.

How am I supposed to know if my transaction is successful/unsuccessful?
On completion of all required steps as stated above, you will receive an invoice at your given email address. So make sure that you are providing valid email address and contact number.